Exotic meats only available when dining in. Call (01228) 522970 to reserve a table.


Although a bird, it produces sweet and rich red meat with all the texture and taste of Beef. It has two thirds less fat than comparable meats while offering more protein. Less in calories and cholesterol than skinless Turkey, it has large amounts of iron, phosphorus, and vitamins from the B complex.



Deep red, very much like Ostrich and Beef, it is a heavy, lean meat both tender and rich in flavour with a touch of natural sweetness. Ideal for maintaining balanced diets it is low in cholesterol and fat, with high amounts of polyunsaturated fats. It also has high amounts of protein and iron.


Venison is a very lean meat with the a delicate texture said to have taste similar to a deeply woody, yet berry-like red wine. It is extremely high in protein while maintaing a low fat content. Low in calories and cholesterol, it contains large amounts of iron, phosphorous and vitamins from the B complex.



Camel is a sweet, light red meat, but without the gamy taste. It is similar to Beef in both texture and taste whilst offering additional benefits. It is richer in both iron and protein yet lower in fat, calories and cholesterol compared. Is also a good source for phosphorus, calcium and vitamins from the B complex.


Related to the Camel, the Llama originates from the Andes in South America. Llama is a tender and succulent meat with a taste between lamb and beef, described as a lighter sweeter tasting beef. Llama is not only rich in proteins, but is also low in fat and has the lowest cholesterol level of any meat.


A delicate flavour without the mutton taste, more similar to that of Beef. The flavour is directly related to the natural diet of the Mouflon producing a leaner meat compared with Sheep. A well marbled meat with high levels of iron, zinc, and vitamins from the B complex whilst providing balanced supplies of amino acids.


Wagyu beef has been a delicacy in Japanese cuisine for more than 1,000 years. It is a premium meat and is renowned for its marbling characteristics. The meat is extremely delicate, smooth, velvety and sweet. Wagyu Beef is bred to have exceptionally high intra muscular fat which leads to exceptional flavour. 



Also known as Buffalo, Bison is a lean red meat that is extremely tender and full of flavour, containing valuable antioxidants essential for the immune system. Sourced from North America it is an excellent alternative for lowering blood pressure. It is 97% fat free and contains 40% more protein than Beef.


Exotic meats only available when dining in. Call (01228) 522970 to reserve a table.